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Our broad portfolio of products encompasses the most respected global leading brands as well as our own brands. Below is a summary overview of these brands and links to more information on the product ranges.


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Brand Range
3M Petrifilm, quick swabs, sterilisation and handwash products. Food pathogen testing, hygiene/ATP systems and allergen kits.
Acros Organics Fine organic chemicals including deuterated compounds, dyes and stains, monomers, chiral compounds, organometallics for use in organic synthesis, drug discovery polymer science and other applications.
Agma Cleanroom sterilants and disinfectants
Ajax Finechem Quality reagents, solvents and acids
Alfa Aesar Leading manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials for a wide span of applications
Aralab By optimising technology for controlling temperature, humidity, lighting, air flow, and many other environmental conditions, Aralab have created a range of high quality chambers and rooms that provide control and flexibility meeting the evolving needs for research, development and testing requirements through time.
Atlas Accelerated weathering instrumentation.
Aurora Biomed Laboratory Automation instruments for PCR Setup, Nucleic Acid Purification, Liquid Liquid Extraction, Solid Phase Extraction and ELISA
Azlon Range of re-usable laboratory plasticware
Bandelin Ultrasonic baths for cleaning, degassing and emulsifying. Ultrasonic homogenisers for cell disruption.
Bel-Art Laboratory plasticware and apparatus.
Bellingham + Stanley Handheld and bench refractometer and polarimeters.
Bibby Scientific Benchtop rotators.
Biochemical Diagnostics Urine QC for AS3408 DAU devices
Bioreba Agro-diagnostic ELISA kits for detection of plant pathogens.
BP Pharmacopeia Pharmacopeia standards.
Brannan Temperature and humidity measurements and hydrometers.
Brookfield Laboratory viscometers and rheometers include dial reading (analogue) and digital display model of which several are programmable. On-line process control viscometers include probe, in-tank, in-line and flow through models.
Buehler Metallographic specimen testing.
Cell Signaling Technology Highly validated antibodies for cell signalling research.
Chart MVE The world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum insulated products and cryogenic storage systems
Chem Cruz

(div of Santa Cruz)
Specialty Biochemicals for biotechnology.
Chem Service Inc. Custom and small quantities of environmental, analytical, pesticide, metabolite, and inorganic solution standards.
Cole Parmer General and specialty laboratory equipment, glassware, plasticware and supplies.
Contec Cleanroom wipers, mops, sterilants and disinfectants
Coy Laboratories Gloved and gloveless versions for anaerobic, hypoxic and controlled atmosphere applications.
Daicel Chiral HPLC Columns
Diazyme Supplier of specialty biochemistry reagents
Dionex (Thermo Scientific Dionex) Chromatography Instruments and Consumables including instruments, replacement parts columns. The range covers sample preparation through to analysis.
Decon Cleaners.
Endecotts Sieves and sieve shakers.
EP Pharmacopeia Pharmacopeia standards.
Eutech pH, conductivity, DO and multi parameter meters.
Finnzymes Instruments Arktik, Piko and PikoReal Thermal Cyclers (Thermo Scientific)
Finnzymes Molecular biology reagents (Thermo Scientific)
Fisher Bioreagents Range of products for protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis, PCR, purification of proteins and nucleic acids, cell culture, enzyme assays, cell biology and protein chemistry.
Fisher Chemicals Laboratory chemicals, buffers, solvents, chromatography solvents, reagents, salts, acids, volumetric solutions and standards.
Fisher Scientific Range of laboratory supplies through multiple supply partners including FisherBrand
Fisherbrand Hand held pipetting, pipette tips, pH indicator papers and laboratory bottles.
Funke Gerber Milk analysis equipment.Specialty glassware for milk and food testing.
Greiner Bio-one Evacuated blood collection tubes and needles (Vacuette).
Hach Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including; dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature, resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Helena Laboratories Electrophoresis, coagulation and occult blood testing products.
HiPoint Plant growth chambers, tissue culture chambers, spectrometer, oven, shaing incubator, climate chamber, incubator, water bath.
Idex (Upchurch) Chromatography and fluid transfer components, tubing and fittings.
IDEXX Rapid antibiotic residue screening in dairy products and automation for screening.
Ika Laboratory Technology IKA has innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications.
Interscience Range of lab blenders for small to large samples.
IUL Gravimetric Diluters & Masticators
Jasco Dichroism spectrometer
KD Scientific Syringe and infusion pumps.
Kimble Chase General laboratory and specialty glassware.
Kimble Kontes General laboratory and specialty glassware.
Kinematica Homogenisers in a range of sizes/capabilities.
Konica Minolta Illuminance and colour testing.
Kyratec SuperCycler PCR Thermal Cycler
Labconco Laboratory glassware washers.
LabServ Laboratory glassware, plasticware, histology products, environmental swabs, general laboratory supplies, hand held pipettes, tips and filtration products.
LabServ Manufacturing Manufactured plastic ware and contract moulding
LabServ Pronalys Laboratory chemicals, buffers, solvents, reagents, salts, acids, volumetric solutions.
La-Pha-Pack Chromatography consumables including vials, septa and closures.
Lomb Scientific Glassware, microscope slides and porcelainware.
Lorne Laboratories Blood grouping anti-sera and reagents.
LP Italiana Spa Disposable cuvettes and general laboratory plasticware
MACHEREY NAGEL pH and specialty test strips and chromatography columns and accessories.
Markes International Calibration accessories, multi-tube conditioning/dry purge equipment, air sampling pumps and sequential tube samplers.
Masterflex Peristaltic pump systems - pump drives, heads, tubing, accessories and parts.
Maybridge Chemicals Screening compounds, diversity fragment and custom libraries, building blocks, custom synthesis, heterocylcic building blocks and catalogue compounds.
MEDIMARK SCIENTIFIC HLD4 products (such as Chemgene and Anigene) are a revolutionary range of disinfectants that are safe, simple to use and secure.
Met-App Reusable laboratory and surgical apparatus
Micronova Cleanroom range of mops and accessories
Millipore Sample preparation, flat disc membranes, sterile filter devices, ultrafiltration, western blotting, process monitoring, microbiology products and cell culture.
Millipore Laboratory Water Pure and ultra pure systems designed to meet a variety of volume and quality requirements.
Nasco Whirl-pak bags for laboratory sampling.
National Scientific & Sun SRi Chromatography vials, syringes and needles.
Nexcelom Instruments for cell based assays.
Next Advance Bullet blender multi-tube homogeniser.
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Omega Bio-Tek DNA & RNA isolation and clean-up kits
Optimize Technologies HPLC and LC/MS components and accessories.
PDI A range of pre-moistened wipes for infection control and patient care, adhesive tape remover, benzoin, hygea lemon & glycerine, lubricating jelly, nail polish remover and PVP iodine.
Poulten & Graf Laboratory bottle top dispensers (Optifix), graduated and volumetric glassware (Fortuna and Volac).
Pyroneg Cleaners.
R & L Enterprises Laboratory benchware and apparatus.
Randox Food, wine and beverage analysis.
Ratek Benchtop laboratory equipment, shakers and stirrers
ROACHE Volumetric and buffer solutions, AA/ICP inorganic standards.
S Murray Laboratory glassware, apparatus and surgical instrumentation.
Sartorius Precision, analytical and ultra micro weighing units and moisture analysers.
Schott Laboratory glassware.
schuett-biotec GmbH A range of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science items
SciLabware Laboratory glassware (Pyrex and Quickfit) and plasticware (Azlon).
Sentinal Supplier of colourimetric Copper and Zinc reagents
Serva Wide range of products for Electrophoresis applications
Sequenom Unique platform and reagents for SNP genotyping, methylation studies and molecular analysis.
Solaris qPCR Gene Expression Assays (Thermo Scientific)
SPEX CERTIPREP Organic and inorganic certified reference material, organometallic standards
Starna Cuvettes, including glass and quartz.
Stratec Molecular InviMag kits (InviMag beads) for DNA and RNA purification
TCI High quality laboratory chemicals for Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Bioscience, Glycoscience, Analytical Science. Also, Custom Synthesis and Bulk Chemicals are available.
Terumo Hypodermic syringes and needles.
Thermo Scientific Air quality monitors including FID/PID monitors for remediation, real time particulate monitoring, FID/PID monitors for remediation and environmental enclosures
Thermo Scientific – Analytical Instrumentation Full range of instrumentation with focus to Anatomical Pathology applications, Chromatography (LC, GC), Mass Spectrometry (GCMS, LCMS, single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, ion traps, Orbitrap, high resolution MS, IOMS, ICPMS, IRMS, FTMS, process MS) , Molecular Spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman, NIR, UV-Vis, fluorescence), Elemental Spectroscopy (AA, ICP, XRF, XRD, Arc/spark, elemental analysers); range of equipment for electrophoresis (Owl), centrifugation (Heraeus, Sorvall), cold storage (Revco, Forma), biosafety cabinets (Heraeus), incubation (Forma, Heraeus), sample preparation (Savant) and low volume UV/VIS spectroscopy (Nanodrop), microplate readers and washers, magnetic bead purification systems (Kingfisher), automated liquid handling platforms (Matrix), waterbaths (Haake)
Thermo Scientific – Anatomical Pathology Range of instruments and consumables for all your anatomical pathology needs. Includes Tissue processing, Sectioning, embedding, staining, coverlipping, labelling and tracking of slides and cassettes and grossing workstations.
Thermo Scientific Aqua Sensor On-line measurement and data logging of conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and more
Thermo Scientific – Laboratory Instrumentation Full range of instrumentation with focus to centrifugation (Heraeus, Sorvall), cold storage (Revco, Forma), biosafety cabinets (Heraeus), incubation (Forma, Heraeus), sample preparation (Savant) and low volume UV/VIS spectroscopy (Nanodrop), microplate readers and washers, magnetic bead purification systems (Kingfisher), automated liquid handling platforms (Matrix), waterbaths (Haake)
Thermo Scientific – Laboratory Supplies Laboratory plastic ware and packaging products (Nalgene) cell culture, immunology and cryogenic preservation consumables for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and academia and research labs (Nunc), pipette tips and PCR products (Finntip, MBP, ART tips), pipette tips and tubes (QSP); hand held pipetting (Finnpipette) automated pipetting and sample storage and assay systems (Matrix); complete range of chromatography consumables including vials, GC columns, HPLC columns and accessories
Thermo Scientific - Life Science Media and Reagents Full range of cell culture media, supplements and sera (Hyclone), single-use technologies in bioreactors, mixers and bioprocess containers, antibodies and other tools for protein extraction, purification, modification and detection (Pierce), molecular biology reagents, PCR reagents, QPCR, microplates, electrophoresis, plastic consumables (ABgene)
Thermo Scientific – Molecular Spectroscopy Range of spectrophotometers available from Visible to UV-Vis and Array systems. Also includes Nanodrop Range.
Thermo Scientific Orion Bench top & portable devices and their supporting products for field & laboratory measurement and data logging of a range of parameters including; dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, TDS, temperature, resistivity, turbidity, salinity and more.
Thermo Scientific Oxoid Dehydrated culture media, prepared media, susceptibility discs, diagnostic discs, selective supplements, blood products, stains, organism identification kits, MIC evaluators, diagnostic wet latex and ELISA test kits, lateral flow test kits, antisera and food pathogen testing.
Thermo Scientific – Process Sensors Flow computers
Thermo Scientific Remel High quality microbiology laboratory products, including dehydrated and prepared culture media, collection and transport systems, diagnostic and rapid direct specimen tests.
Tuttnauer Benchtop and floor standing autoclaves.
US Pharmacopeia Pharmacopeia standards.
Velp Scientifica Vortex mixers, overhead stirrers, hotplates and hotplate stirrers. Digestors, distillation thermoreactors, solvent extractors and shelf life testers.
Whatman  (part of GE Healthcare) Filter paper, blotting membranes and related apparatus and consumables. HPLC media, chromatography reagents, nucleic acid sample preparation and storage (FTA cards), protein microarrays and multiwell plates.
Wheaton Specialty laboratory glassware: BOD bottles, scintillation vials, tissue grinders, staining dishes and an extensive range of vials and closures for all applications.

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