Chromatography Vials and Closures

Thermo Scientific™ is a leading name in vial manufacture. We have a wide range of glass and plastic consumable vials for chromatographers offering standard and specialty products covering all aspects of sample containment. Vials and vial-inserts are available to suit all chromatography applications from very small sample volumes (100 μL) to very large (40 mL).

Be sure to get the right volume vial with the right cap to suit your application and your chosen instrumentation.

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Featured chromatography vial and closure products

2 mL Autosampler Vials

Compatible with a broad variety of autosamplers

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Thermo Scientific™ SureStop™ Vials and Closures

Thermo Scientific SureStop vials and closures help to ensure that you have optimal compression when sealing your vial. These vials and closures are designed with the Advance Vial Closure System (AVCS) technology, which provides a definite stop point when screwing the cap on and thereby, preventing over-tightening.

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MS Certified Vials

MS Certified Vials are formed under the strictest automated manufacturing and quality controls systems to produce a physically uniform product that has the longest record of continuous performance in the industry.

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Polyethylene and Polypropylene Vials

Work with confidence, even at higher concentrations of highly polar organic solvents. We use medical grade PP resin and low extractable PE to ensure excellent solvent stability.

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Ultra-Inert Vials

Ultra-Inert Vials

Ever more sensitive chromatography and mass spectrometry systems demand reliable vials which can routinely deliver the ultimate purity grade and the lowest surface activity possible. Sample security, and confidence in data integrity, are paramount in trace analysis and can only be achieved with the highest vial-glass quality. You can maximize your analytical performance and have fewer failed/rejected assays with the Thermo Scientific™ Chromacol GOLD grade vials. To ensure the maximum degree of inertness of the low alkaline glass, we use the perfect manufacturing conditions at the optimum surface saving temperatures.

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