Increase your lab analysis throughput with Multiskan™ microplate readers

Increase your laboratory analysis throughput with Thermo Scientific™ microplate readers

Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan™ FC Microplate Photometer
The Multiskan FC has a 340–850 nm wavelength range, enabling a wide variety of applications from enzyme kinetic studies to Lowry assays. The instrument provides fast and accurate measurements enabling complete 96-well plate reading in less than seven seconds. The instrument is also equipped with linear shaking as standard. A model with an incubator enables incubation temperatures up to 50 °C and the capacity to read 384-well plates. SkanIt software supports optimal use of the instrument with a visual workflow, effortless data analysis and exporting capabilities.

  • Proven performance and reliable day-to-day results through patented optical design and in-built self-diagnostics
  • A broad wavelength range of 340–850 nm for a wide variety of research and routine applications such as ELISA immunoassays, protein quantification, endotoxin, cytotoxicity and proliferation assays, enzyme assays and growth curves
  • Equipped with an eight-position filter wheel with three standard filters, 405 nm, 450 nm and 620 nm, preinstalled
  • A comprehensive range of easy-to install additional filters available for order
  • Fast and accurate measurement of both 96- and 384-well plates for various throughput requirements
  • Shaking and incubation up to 50 °C for temperature critical assays
  • Ease of use through the large colour screen and a variety of language versions
  • Visual and logical SkanIt software for comprehensive instrument control and data handling
  • Multiskan verification plate available for instrument performance verification
  • Robot compatibility for high-throughput environments


Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer
Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer is a UV/Vis microplate reader designed to be convenient and easy to use for virtually any photometric research application, especially DNA, RNA and protein analysis. This absorbance reader is ideal for multi-user environments where a variety of endpoint, kinetic and spectral assays are performed. The Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer model operated solely via SkanIt software is ideal for users who rely on a PC for all operations.

  • Monochromator-based optical system for free selection of wavelengths from 200 nm to 1000 nm
  • Compatible with 96- and 384-well microplates with and without lids or cuvettes
  • Reads μDrop™ Plate for micro-volume DNA/RNA and protein analysis
  • Performs onboard shaking and incubation for temperature-critical or cell-based assays
  • Allows kinetic, spectral, and endpoint measurements for a variety of spectrophotometer applications
  • Fast operation: full spectrum of a well is done in less than 10 seconds and a full 96-well microplate is read in 6 seconds
  • Setting up of demanding assays is easy via the powerful and intuitive SkanIt™ Software
  • Automation compatibility for integration with SkanIt Software automation interface


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MIB51119000 Multiskan FC microplate photometer includes 3 standard filters (405 nm 450 nm 620 nm) and SkanIt Software 96 well plates only EA $6,700.00 Request quote
MIB51119500 Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer 200-1000 nm with 1 nm steps, 96 and 384 well plates SkanIt software included. Requires PC for operation. PC not included in package EA $15,995.00 Request quote

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