Aralab Environmental and Plant Growth Chambers

Aralab Plant Growth, Stability and Testing
Chambers and Rooms

By optimising technology for controlling temperature, humidity, lighting, air flow, and many other environmental conditions, Aralab have created a range of high quality chambers and rooms that provide control and flexibility meeting the evolving needs for research, development and testing requirements through time.

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Environmental & Plant Growth ChambersEnvironmental & Plant Growth Chambers

FitoClima Bio chambers provide the control and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of researchers and research requirements through time. The chamber comes in 600L and 1200L sizes and temperature, humidity and lighting control options.




Aralab Plant Growth

Aralab LED Vertical

Aralab Leaf

Common applications include:

  • Plant Growth
  • Tissue Culture
  • Arabidopsis
  • Germination
  • Algae Research
  • Entomology
  • Insect Storage
  • Other Life Sciences Applications


  • Great environmental control
  • Great stability and uniformity inside chamber
  • Maximum flexibility with interior configurations
  • Intuitive touch screen interface and software


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Environmental & Plant Growth ChambersStability Chambers

FitoClima Stability and Photostability Testing chambers provide the environmental control and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of customers throughout the years. The chambers are ICH, GMP, WHO, FDA compliant and comes in 600L and 1200L sizes and temperature, humidity and lighting control options.




Aralab Lights

Aralab Stability Bottles

Aralab Stability Pharmaceuticals

Common applications include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverages
  • Veterinary
  • Storage and Conservation
  • Quality Control and Research


  • Future proof design. The interior can be reconfigured at any time for the most efficient use of the available storage space and content dimensions
  • Content protection, with configurable high / low temperature and humidity alarms and automatic email notifications
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant software


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Aralab Testing ChambersTesting Chambers

FitoTerm and FitoClima temperature and humidity testing chambers offer highly precise and reproducible conditions for climatic and temperature testing in many industries.

The 300L, 500L, 1000L and 1500L chambers offer temperature control from -20, -45 or -75 (depending on model) up to 180 ºC with or without humidity control ( 10 to 98% ).




Aralab Testing Condensation

Aralab Testing Internal

Aralab Testing Red

Common applications include:

  • Environmental Testing
  • Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace,
    Building Materials, Military Equipment, Materials in General
  • Research
  • Quality Control
  • Production Facilities


  • Internal aerodynamic optimization to ensure uniformity of climatic conditions
  • Time saving features with easily configurable testing programs that can run, start and stop automatically
  • Flexible interior with height adjustable and removable stainless steel shelves


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Aralab Walk-In Environments‘Walk-In’ Environments

Controlled environment room for any application.





Aralab Walk-In Plants

Aralab Walk-In Interior

Aralab Walk-In Applications

  • Single-tier Plant Growth Rooms equipped with the latest ‘full spectrum’ dimmable ceramic metal halide lamps.
  • Multi-tier Plant Growth Room with sizes raging from 5.000 liters of internal volume, up to 25.000 liters or custom designed dimensions.
  • Stability ‘walk-in’ chambers ICH Q1A compliant with FDA21 CFR part 11 data logging.
  • ‘Walk-in’ Environmental chambers for climate and temperature testing.
  • Ready to go or customizable to your application
  • Maximum flexibility and versatility
  • Time saving features with easy configurable testing features


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Bio Chambers


Stability Chambers


Testing Chambers


Walk-In Chambers

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