Thermometers & Temperature Control Apparatus

Temperature control products including refrigerated/heated bath circulators, immersion circulators, immersion coolers, recirculating chillers, and water-to-water heat exchangers.
New design features enhance ease-of-use, reliability, reduction of noise levels, and provide considerable energy savings.


Thermo Scientific Waterbaths

Thermo Scientific temperature control products represent a giant leap forward in performance, features, configurability and technology. Now you can configure the most flexible, cost-effective temperature control solutions for any application ...More

Thermo Scientific Recirculating Chillers

As an innovative leader in temperature control, we have the expertise to enable you to optimise your liquid cooling and heating applications while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs ...More


A rull range of thermometers including digital, glass, min/max, mercury, red spirit, precision and probe. Use the key word search on goDirect to find the model you require for your specific application.

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