VELP Scientifica Food&Feed/Environmental/Stirring Lines


VELP Scientifica Food&Feed Line

Foods are all substances that supply energy and the components essential for growth and preservation of the vital functions when ingested. Their compositions must be defined in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for their nutritional content, in conformity with international standards. The innovative equipment manufactured by VELP Scientifica provides substantial assistance to food and feed specialists involved in production and research. Equipment includes recirculating water pump for fumes aspiration, scrubber, heating digesters, distillation units, raw fiber extraction units, cold extractor, oxidation test reactor, dietary fiber filtration unit, enzymatic digester and solvent extractors ...Download brochure

VELP Scientifica Environmental Line

The alterations man makes on the natural environment require a growing number of analytical tests in order to be able to assess their current state and determine which interventions have to be adopted so as to reinstate acceptable conditions. The quality of water, an essential resource for life, calls for particularly systematic research work. Velp Scientifica manufactures instruments that make the analyst’s job easier by providing accurate and reproducible results. Research, innovation and technology are resources we use in order to develop equipment that ensures reproducible results and simple though effective use. Includes BOD determination systems, turbidimeter and thermoreactors ...Download brochure

VELP Scientifica Stirring Line

Velp Scientifica’s stirrers are manufactured using advanced techniques that comply with international standards. High torque, microprocessor control, electronic safety circuitry, and slow start speed allow highly viscous liquids to be stirred in complete safety. Few models equipped with Digital display. Velp’s stirrer include an innovative, hand-tight chuck with safety closure. Stirrers are available with 35 W, 60 W and 120 W motors. DLS, LH, and DLH models offer an automatic speed compensation for changing solution viscosity thus increasing the motor durability. Includes overhead stirrers, heating and standard magnetic stirrers and vortex mixers ...Download brochure

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