Heating Equipment

A portfolio of incubators, ovens, sterilisers, autoclaves, furnaces and hot plates. Heating equipment designed with the end user's needs in mind and constructed to provide years of worry-free operation.


Furnace Accessories

Furnace accessories including gas injection, exhaust connections and furnace racks and shelves ...More


Crucible, tube, muffle and ignition furnaces ...More

Heater Accessories

Heater accessories including heating elements, tapes, cords and mats ...More


Stirring and non-stirring heating mantles and controllers ...More

Oven Accessories

Oven accessories including floor stands, frames shelves and racks; precision control valves, timers, filters and pumps ...More


Vacuum, convection, heating and drying, and special purpose ovens ...More


A range of floor and benchtop autoclaves, covering a wide range of applications for laboratories in research institutes, universities, plastics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, medical and biotechnological industries ...More


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