Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology Equipment

A complete portfolio of essential molecular biology equipment including thermal cyclers, protein detection solutions, and electrophoresis systems.


Electrophoresis Systems

Through Thermo Scientific Owl we offer a full range of proven electrophoresis systems for your molecular biology laboratory. Our broad selection of industry-leading gel boxes and power supplies makes it easy to get the right equipment for your application.

  Nucleic Acid Separation    Protein Separation
  Nucleic Acid Separation  

Available in mini formats to process small samples or larger high-throughput systems, our horizontal electrophoresis systems will deliver results for your application needs.

  Protein Separation  

With fast run times, easy operations, and simple vertical protein gel casting, our Thermo Scientific Owl vertical systems  will save valuable laboratory time.

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  Power Supplies     Accessories  
  Power Supplies  

Our power supplies are ideal for DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis, electroblotting for DNA, and sequencing applications.


Optimise your electrophoresis system with these essential accessories. Gel trays, leveling platforms, gel-drying supplies, casting dams, gel tray holders, and additional accessories will complete your system.

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PCR and qPCR Instruments

We offer instruments for standard PCR, fast PCR and qPCR.

  Thermo Scientific Piko Thermal Cycler  Kyratec SuperCycler Trinity
  Piko Thermo Cycler  

Twice the speed and only
half the size of regular
thermal cyclers.

    Kryatec SuperCycler Trinity  

Exceptional performance, unparalleled user interface and highly competitive price is fast winning the SuperCycler Trinity market popularity.

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  Thermo Scientific Arktik Thermal Cycler   Thermo Scientific PikoReal Real-Time PCR System
  Arktik Thermal Cycler  

The Arktik Thermal Cycler with interchangeable blocks is a reliable and flexible PCR instrument for the everyday requirements of any laboratory.


The PikoReal Real-Time PCR System is designed to fit into your lab, even when bench-top space is limited. It is ideal for personal use and light enough for field applications.

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Protein Transfer Systems

See our range of wet and semi-dry blotters.

  Thermo Scientific Pierce G2 Fast Blotter Thermo Scientific Owl Tank Electroblotting Systems
  Pierce G2  

Powered, programmable, semi-dry transfer device for rapid or conventional, high-efficiency Western blot transfer protocols with homemade or precast protein polyacrylamide gels.

Owl Tank  

Ideal for fast, efficient transfer of proteins over a wide molecular weight range.

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Protein Detection and Analysis Solutions

Detect and analyse your protein samples with ease and accuracy.

  Thermo Scientific Pierce myECL Imager Thermo Scientific Pierce myImage Analysis Software

One-touch image capture and analysis for protein and nucleic acid gels and blots.


A complete set of easy-to-use research tools for the quantitative digital analysis of image data from electrophoresis gels and Western blots.

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  Millipore SNAP i.d® 2.0
Protein Detection System
Millipore Direct Detect® Spectrometer
  SNAP id  

Experience faster and better protein detection with the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system, which reduces blocking, washing and antibody incubation time from hours to minutes.

Direct Detect  

Quantify proteins and peptides by using the mid-IR spectrum providing more accurate results without the pitfalls of colorimetric assays. No sample prep, no tedious standard curves, and no messy cuvettes or liquid waste.

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