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Ajax UNIVAR products have long been recognised as the standard for analytical reagents in Australia, New Zealand and in some overseas markets. In most cases, the purity conforms to or exceeds the American Chemical Society Standards -ACS and is NIST Traceable. The UNIVAR range covers over 300 products, many of which are available in bulk, where such high purity fine chemicals are required for critical industrial applications. UNIVAR products are found in most laboratories and are used in a wide variety of analytical techniques for quality control, research and development. UNIVAR specifications are continually expanded to ensure they are suitable for the high technology instrumentation used in laboratories today.


Ajax UNILAB products are reagent quality chemicals suitable for general laboratory work. In most cases they meet BP and USP standards and so are valuable starting points for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial products.

Ajax SPECTROSOL -Spectroscopy Reagents

Ajax SPECTROSOL is our range of Spectroscopy materials. Spectrosol reagents are manufactured packaged and tested by APS to conform to strict quality specifications for UV Visible and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) techniques.


Analytical Volumetric Solutions. Ajax UNIVOL "ready to use" (no messing with ampoules!) volumetric solutions are standardised to specific concentrations normally used in laboratory analysis. UNIVOL analytical volumetric solutions are made from UNIVAR materials and are accurate to within 0.5% of the normal strength and are NIST TRACEABLE.


The Ajax LABCHEM chemicals are, in many cases, quality reagents for a particular analysis where no set standard is applicable.


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