The vital reagents for life science research, Fisher BioReagents are of ultra-high purity and prequalified for the application.  The specifications address critical factors such as purity, water content, levels of contaminants and absence of Dnase, Rnase or protease activity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has also partnered with Applichem to supply a wide range of biochemical reagents including amino acids, deuterated substances, dyes and indicators, ion-pairing reagents, biological buffers, detergents, gel electrophoresis size markers, immunoassay buffers and transfer membranes. Applichem products stand out because they offer tailormade solutions, custom syntheses as well as reliable general and speciality reagents.


Molecular Biology

Products for Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids, Enzymes, Nucleic Acid Hybridisation, Nucelic Acid Purification, Nucleic Acid Sequencing, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) .

Protein Chemistry

Products for Immunodetection, Peptide Synthesis / Sequencing, Protein Characterisation, Protein Expression / Purification.

Cell Biology

Products for Antibiotics, Cell and Tissue Culture, Cell Regulation, Component Cells, Cryo / Storage Media, Cytology / Histology, Microbiological Media.

Core Bioreagents and Complementary Products

All essentials required to perform all the above applications, including (but not limited to) high purity buffers, salts, Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR Nucleotide Mix, Control Primer.

And more

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