Save time and standardised staining procedures with the IUL PolyStainer

The IUL PolyStainer performs standardised staining procedures that will free your staff from labour-intensive staining procedures. Perfect for use in general Haematology and Microbiology laboratories.

Walkaway Solution

  • One push button operation triggers the entire staining procedure.

Unique Design

  • The PolyStainer is uniquely designed to separate its staining area from the systems electronics and mechanics, this ensures endurance due to separation from highly oxidative reagents.

Staining Protocol Optimisation

  • Ensure no cross contamination by using the PolyStainer’s rinsing well drain to keep rinsing water clean. Speeds up preparation by drying out slides. Holds up to 20 slides.
Terms & Conditions
Offer valid 1st May 2018 to 31st August 2018 to customers in New Zealand only. Cannot be combined with any other offer, no further discounts apply. All pricing excludes GST. Regulatory requirements vary by country. Please contact your local representative for more details.

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