Ultimate Performance with Coy Lab’s Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers

Coy Lab’s Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers provide a strict anaerobic atmosphere of 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a palladium catalyst and hydrogen gas mix of 5%. The heavy duty vacuum airlock allows sample transfer without changes to the internal atmosphere. The programmable airlock allows the user to tailor an interchange sequence ideal for their lab experiments.

The flexible nature of the unit allows for the user to reach deeper and higher into the unit and, combined with padded base and larger glove ports, allows for greater ergonomics vs. a rigid glove box. The optically clear vinyl greatly increases operator vision, and the user does not encounter any glove “fight back” as the flexible nature allows the entire glove box to give with changes to internal volume. The fact the unit does not expel gas when pressure changes means a dramatic difference in gas consumption rates and thus operational cost savings.

Coy Vinyl Anaerobic chambers are constructed of flexible PVC with padded base, efficient vacuum airlock, and aluminium support frame.

  • Large equipment entry port
  • Replaceable gloves
  • Circulation System and Catalyst
  • Interior power supply with 5 outlets
  • Ports for additional tubing or cords
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Temperature control options
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