Formulatrix Liquid  Handling Solutions  

Formulatrix Liquid Handling Solutions

Efficient and reproducible liquid handling solutions for applications such as:

  • PCR/qPCR set up
  • Next-Gen Sequencing Library Prep
  • Immunoassays/AlphaLISA
  • Assay Development
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Cell-Based Assays



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With dead volumes as low as 6ul, and a compact footprint that would fit on a standard mouse pad, the Formulatrix Mantis is designed to maximize assay performance and minimize assay cost.

The system uses patented microfluidic dispensing technology to measure and dispense discrete volumes of liquid with high accuracy and speed.

Applications include: NGS Library Prep, Magnetic Bead Dispensing, PCR Master Mix, Precious Reagent Dispensing, Cell Dispensing, PCR Setup

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A non-contact, bulk reagent dispenser designed to make dispensing fast and easy.  The unit can be configured to simultaneously deliver up to 12 reagents through to up to 96 individually controlled nozzles.

Compatible with 96- to 1536-well format plates, the Tempest can accurately dispense down to 0.2ul with an impressively low 50ul of tube dead volume.

Each microfluidic chip uses positive displacement micro-pumps to dispense reagents rapidly with minimal waste. Most tasks are completed in fewer than 40 seconds.  Eg a typical dispense rate of 200nl to 96- well plate in 3 seconds!

Applications include:    NGS Library Prep, Assay Development, High Throughput Screening, Cell Dispensing, General Reagent Dispensing

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