VELP® Scientifica Vortex Mixers

VELP® Vortex Mixers
VELP® Scientifica have a range of vortex mixers suitable for mixing substances in any shape or size of test-tube thanks to the orbital movement of the rubber cup and many accessories/attachments.

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  • The different vortex mixers manufactured by VELP Scientifica offer touch/infrared (IR) sensor and continuous operating modes
  • Meets the multiple needs of every laboratory with high safety standards
  • VELP® Scientifica manufacture the unique patented INFRARED vortex mixer
  • Uses a special IR system to activate vibration without the need to apply pressure
  • All Vortex Mixers are equipped with high resistance and innovative soft-touch material mixing cup heads
  • Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty

Item Code Description Unit size
VELF202A0173 Vortex mixer classic, variable speed operation, electronically controlled up to 3000 rpm EA
VELF202A0176 Vortex mixer ZX3 model 50-3000rpm, operation mode touch or continuous EA
VELSA202A0280 Vortex mixer model ZX4 50-3000rpm Operation modes IR Sensor or continuous EA
VELSA202A0280 Vortex mixer ZX4 IR package includes ZX4 vortex, stand for 19 x 1.5mL microtubes, customisable soft foam top & Small rubber supporting plate Ø 50 mm EA


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