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Viscometers, Rheometers & Texture Analysers

Brookfield manufactures viscometers, rheometers, texture analysers and powder flow testers. Brookfield instruments have long been considered the world leader in viscosity measurement and control equipment, as well as specialists in powder flow analysis and texture analysis testing instrumentation.

Brookfield has designed solutions for many R&D and QC applications in varying industries such as food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil and gas, paints and coatings, and so much more.


Popular viscometers, rheometers & texture analysers

  DV1 Viscometer   CT3 Texture Analyser   DV3T Rheometer  
  DV1 Digital Viscometer ›   CT3 Texture Analyser ›   DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer ›  

Featured viscometers, rheometers & texture analysers

Laboratory Viscometers

Brookfield’s range of easy-to-use, flexible, reliable and high quality laboratory viscometers have made Brookfield the global benchmark in viscosity measurement.

Texture Analysers

The Brookfield CT-3 Texture Analyser is a powerful universal testing machine that offers both compression and tensile testing, thus, providing a real life insight into the physical properties of a product.

Applications Software

Brookfield applications software is available to automate data collection and, in some cases, automate control of our line of digital viscometers/rheometers.


In-Line Process Viscometers

Brookfield provides a variety of viscosity measurement and control systems used in manufacturing lines across many industries.


Brookfield rheometers combine comprehensive viscosity testing with flow behaviour analysis of materials. Rheological analysis generates invaluable information to help predict the behaviour and properties of materials under different conditions.


Brookfield’s accessories allow you to get the most out of your Brookfield products by expanding and enhancing product capabilities.

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