Clinical Chemistry Analysers

Clinical Chemistry & Discrete Analysers

Clinical chemistry and discrete analysers are part of an integrated analytical and automation solution for clinical laboratories.


Thermo Scientific Clinical Chemistry & Discrete Analysers

The range of Konelab analysers are used for routine clinical chemistry tests, electrolytes and special chemistries, including specific proteins, TDM and DoA tests. The Arena discrete analyser range are used for product analysis and quality control in wine, juice, food and beverage, and in other industrial processes. The Aquakem range of discrete analysers are an easy to use chemistry analyser capable of random access or batch analysis and the use of multiple chemistries. Types of matrices analysed include clean water, wastewater, soil/sludge digests, effluents and saline. Gallery covers a wide range of application areas, e.g. in food, beverage, water and soil testing and industrial quality control ...More


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