Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition & Signal Analysis

A range of portable and bench-top data acquisition and signal analysis equipment including recorders, data acquisition systems, signal analysers, multi-function data acquisition boards, wireless smart sensors and software.


Data Logger and Data Acquisition Systems -dataTaker®

Datataker is a leading supplier of data loggers and data recording equipment to a broad range of customers throughout industry, public utilities, scientific and educational institutions...More

Sound & Vibration High Speed Signal Analysis -Head Acoustics

HEAD acoustics has developed hardware and software solutions for measuring and analysing sound events on the basis of aurally-accurate recording and playback systems, which have become today's industry standard. A range of frontends for data acquisition and signal analysis including a modular mobile multi-channel system, an 8-Channel frontend with USB interface and a mobile 4-Channel-USB frontend with 4GB internal flash memory...More

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