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The hyperconnecting software

The hyper-connectivity is not only applied to the objects used every day such as the smartphone, but it marks the advent of a new industrial trend, which is offering companies new development prospects on markets that are increasingly demanding and innovative.


myKratos™ is the management software embedded on the machine in a dedicated, totally integrated hardware module that permits the control and management of the chamber’s functions. myKratos™ requires no installation and is accessible from a PC via web browser (Google Chrome, FireFox) or through the free app developed for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

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Interconnected Systems

Smart machines are able to prevent problems and downtimes, dealing efficiently and rapidly with problems, and optimising maintenance costs by collecting and processing data that can be used to monitor performance.


ACS is focused on innovation and is the first manufacturer to equip test chambers with hyper-connectivity technology, providing technological solutions and services that meet current and future needs.


It will be possible to intervene with the utmost efficiency, planning the necessary actions in time, minimising downtimes, lowering maintenance costs by efficiently planning the activities.


Advanced features:

  • It is possible to have multi-users and multi-level connections, even coming from different devices.
  • All data are saved inside the chamber built-in datalogging, so they are always available to the users regardless of the device used.
  • Chamber management is always possible through few, simple steps, whether inside the test lab or anywhere else.
ACS myAngel24  

myAngel24™ - Assistance you can count on

myAngel24™ is an online diagnostic and remote assistance system included in the chamber basic configuration. Through the chamber’s local panel or by remote, you can activate or deactivate at any time myAngel24™ connection with the Angelantoni server (activation on demand).


Once activated, the Angelantoni Server acquires data coming from the chamber for diagnostic analysis and allowing ACS to grant a 24h remote assistance.


ACS service staff can identify the problem and if possible, solve it remotely, or at least identify parts that may need to be replaced and check their stock availability in order to schedule an utmost efficient on-site intervention.

myAngel24™ activation means:


Less on-site intervention

  • MyAngel24™ permits the identification of problems with a remote test and an examination of the recorded data
  • Depending on the problem at hand, ACS can solve the problem directly from remote, avoiding on-site intervention just for troubleshooting

Reducing chamber downtime

  • ACS is able to schedule the maintenance, according to the chamber testing plan, thanks to the main components life-cycle monitoring

Utmost efficient on-site intervention

  • Service staff knows which part is causing the problem and is ready for its replacement before on-site intervention

Remote support

  • ACS can adjust PID parameters remotely
  • ACS can make changes to PLC programs remotely for chamber optimisation


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