Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology - Are you ready to step into the future?

Prepare your laboratory for the future with digital microscopy and pathology solutions from 3DHISTECH™ and Thermo Fisher Scientific™.
Obtain high-speed brightfield and fluorescent scanning as well as award-winning image quality with 3DHISTECH slide scanners. When combined
with our software solutions, researchers are able to quickly and easily share highly detailed scans and collaborate with colleagues around the globe.

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Digital pathology categories

Digital Slide

The 3DHISTECH Pannoramic family from Thermo Fisher Scientific™ is a comprehensive range of digital slide scanners. From an affordable singleslide model to high-speed 250-slide capacity units, from high-quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescent scanning in the same instrument – we offer systems designed to fit the needs of today’s leading laboratories.

Solutions for
Digital Frozen Sections

Combine a 3DHISTECH MacroStation, Pannoramic Desk scanner and CaseCenter software for a complete solution for digital frozen sections. CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.

Digital Image

QuantCenter is a powerful, automatic image analysis platform designed for digital whole slide quantification process. One of the main advantages of digital slides is that you can perform computer-assisted image analysis on the whole slide. A robust software algorithm always gives objective results, quickly and reliably.

Whole-Slide Confocal Microscopy and 3D Histology

Fully automated, whole-slide scanning with high light efficiency, minimal bleaching and very fast scanning speeds. The Pannoramic Confocal offers fast and high-quality confocal scanning for molecular pathology applications by combining confocal imaging with award-winning whole-slide scanning technology.

Research Pathology

3DHISTECH pioneered fluorescent whole-slide imaging and, thanks to a continuous drive for improvement, continues to help you produce exceptional quality fluorescent digital slides. Fluorescent scanning: With up to 16-bit image depth, extended focus and Z-stack, it is not surprising the Pannoramic is a top choice for quality-conscious customers.

Tissue Microarrayers

Tissue microarrays are revolutionizing high-throughput processing. Tissue Microarraying (TMA) allows laboratories to condense hundreds of samples into a single block or slide. Save time, reagents, and storage space while achieving more standardized laboratory conditions. With three microarrayers to choose from, there is one to suit your application.

Applications and Modules

3DHISTECH Track & Sign is state-of-the-art pathology workflow tracking, evaluation and reporting application for small, medium and large pathology laboratories. Learn more about the workflow: Case registration> Specimen preparation> Review & Request>Addition staining/Research consultations/Report and sign out.

Knowledge Base

A library of the latest whitepapers, publications, user guides, videos and tutorials to increase your knowledge and assist with your research.
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