Whole-Slide Confocal Microscopy and 3D Histology

Confocal and 3D Histology

Fully automated, whole-slide scanning with high light efficiency, minimal bleaching and unparalleled scanning speeds.


Research laboratories require maximum image quality (with low bleaching and phototoxicity) at a considerable scanning speed. While competitive technologies have not been able to deliver this, Pannoramic Confocal from 3DHISTECH offers fast and high-quality confocal scanning for molecular pathology applications by combining confocal imaging with award-winning whole-slide scanning technology.



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Pannoramic MIDI Confocal

Pannoramic Confocal

Innovative structured illumination confocal imaging. lowest bleaching and phototoxicity, low running costs
The Pannoramic Midi Confocal digital slide scanner offers whole tissue confocal scanning. Confocal technology prevents vital details from becoming lost against blurry backgrounds. The system scans your entire section at once – avoiding missing information and minimizing bleaching of light sensitive areas. Your slide can be accessed fast, anytime and anywhere!


This revolutionary system offers brightfield, confocal and widefield fluorescent imaging in a single instrument.


  • Easy scanning for high productivity: automatic sample localization, automatic exposure, multislide mode
  • Unique technologies for increased speed: darkfield and fluorescent preview – effectively skipping empty areas, a Lumencor LED light engine for excellent illumination, Scientific sCMOS camera – high sensitivity with low noise for short exposure times, fully automatic water immersion system for high NA objective
  • Anti-bleaching solutions: structured illumination for collecting every usuable light from the sample, high brightness confocal mode for weak signals, hardware light triggering to avoid unnecessary sample illumination, reducable light intensity for sensitive samples
  • Advanced options: customizable area selection, adjustable scanning and image processing options.

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3DView offers 3-D reconstruction of the fluorescent images gives an amazing insight view of the whole specimen.


Microscope slides allow you to see one section of reality. Even with Z-stack or Extended focus, you are still constrained to that one section only. 3DHISTECH offers you a tool that can reconstruct the original tissue from its serial sections. Unlike MRI, the 3DView software lets you look into microscopic details while also showing you the tissue in its original form.


  • Software for reconstruction, visualization and analysis of three-dimensional histology data
  • Works with Pannoramic digital slides, and standard image formats (JPG, TIFF, etc.)
  • Automatic extraction of specimen contours
  • Automatic section alignment
  • 2D and 3D view combination
    2D: top, front and side view for volume navigation and clipping plane selection
    3D: direct volume rendering, transparency adjustment, stain separation
  • Distance and volume measurement in 3D
  • Export functions

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