Anatomical Pathology Workflow

Anatomical pathology workflow

Solutions from start to finish - impacting positive clinical outcomes

Everyday pathology results are used to make important clinical decisions that impact patient outcomes. Timely delivery of accurate test results can make the difference between a positive and negative patient experience. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we understand  your results matter.  Improve patient outcomes and achieve higher performance metrics with products and expertise from Thermo Fisher to deliver high value solutions. 
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At Thermo Fisher Scientific we have taken our broad knowledge base and paired it with your feedback and experience to better understand the challenges in the healthcare industry. 

By working together, we will be able to positively impact the health of your patients and the success of your organisation though improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Brands we represent

When collaboration counts, we offer one source of endless possibilities. Our broad portfolio of products encompasses the most respected global leading brands. Trust products developed by experts in design for performance, usability and cost-effectiveness.

Thermo Fisher Scientific brands: Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Ion Torrent.

Locally manufactured product brands: Fronine, LabServ, DataTaker, Ajax Finechem, OdaLog

Trusted Supplier Partner Brands:  click here for full list.

Your trusted scientific partner at every step

Accurate and reliable results — Deliver  consistent high quality patient results using our innovative products

Drive productivity — Our products, services, training solutions and technical experts can enable smarter and more efficient laboratories .

Latest technology — Trust products developed by experts in design, performance and usability to help you the meet high standards required for clinical laboratories.

Product solutions

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LabServ 70 mL sample collection containers

From collection to transport LabServ® has a extensive range of sample collection products used by laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our 70 mL samples containers are a suitable option for your samples collections needs, available in a variety of plastics options and also available as scoop container, this container will start your collection process.

Sample collection

Collect your precious samples with confidence with our extensive range of sample  collection supplies.

Specimen jars/containers
Custom specimen jars/containers
Specimen bags
Pails and buckets
Dissecting equipment
Collection kits
Sample shippers

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PrintMate AS Cassette Printer

Eliminate waste and streamline your labeling process by printing cassettes on demand with the Thermo Scientific™ PrintMate™ AS Cassette Printer at the grossing station.

Grossing and fixation

A complete range of anatomical pathology grossing and fixation products.

Fume control workstations
Dissecting and autopsy equipment
Tissue cassettes
Tissue cassette printer
Spill kits

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Thermo Scientific SlideMate AS

The Thermo Scientific™ SlideMate™ AS is the next generation Thermo Scientific slide printer, delivering a smaller footprint than previous models and making it easier than ever to fit next to the microtome. The SlideMate AS promotes single piece workflow through unique features designed specifically for on-demand printing.

Labelling and tracking

Eliminate waste and streamline your labelling process using  our smart labelling solutions.

Slide labellers
Tissue cassettes
Tissue cassette printers
Labelling pens

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Excelsior AS Tissue Processor

The Thermo Scientific™ Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor provides exceptional tissue quality with minimal user interaction. Achieve superb tissue quality with a safer, more efficient working environment.

Tissue Processing

Overcome common tissue processing challenges  with our the complete line of processing products.

Tissue processors
Paraffin wax
Tissue section baths
Water baths and circulators
Section dryers
Solvent recyclers


Embed with confidence by utilising our range of embedding supplies.

Embedding stations
Embedding moulds
Base moulds
Wax dispensers
Paraffin wax
Biopsy bags and pads

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Thermo Scientific Cool-Cut and Section Transfer System

Discover the efficiencies of a complete sectioning solution. Simply pair one of our Thermo Scientific™ rotary microtomes with the Thermo Scientific™ Cool-Cut™, paraffin block cooler, and Thermo Scientific™ Section Transfer System™ (STS). These accessories are designed to help laboratories improve quality and efficiency – two key influencers of positive patient outcomes.

Microtomy and cryotomy

Optimise your workflow and meet your lab's unique needs  with our range of microtomy and cryotomy products, from embedding media and freezing spray to high performance microtomes, cryostats and accessories.

Microtome blades
Frozen section medium
Adhesion slides

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Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer

Improve throughput with the popular Thermo Scientific™ Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer, the ultimate multitasking stainer with a footprint small enough to place exactly where it is needed for optimal laboratory workflow.

Staining and Immunohistochemistry

Providing quality staining and  detection systems for clinical and research applications.

Automated slide stainers
Linear stainers
Tissue marking dyes
Staining jars/assemblies
Microscope slides and coverslips
Staining dishes and racks


Automated coverslippers

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Arcos  Block Management System

Minimise errors, increase productivity, and keep your laboratory's resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes—with Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ Block Management System. There is no more need for time-consuming manual sorting of tissue blocks. In just minutes, the Arcos scans hundreds of blocks and records their exact location—from the position in the tray to the final storage point in your archive


A complete range of archiving and shipping solutions  for pathology samples.

Slide storage
Cassette storage
Slide mailers
Archive systems
Block management system
Biological/infectious material shippers

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Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge

Gain all the advantages of the ultimate thin-layer cell preparation system with the Thermo Scientific™ Cytospin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge. This reliable benchtop centrifuge provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluid and urine.


Laboratory equipment and consumables to support the pre-analytical phase of the testing process in cytology.

Cytology stains and fixatives

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E1- ClipTip Electronic Pipette

The Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ pipette combines interlocking technology that ensures secure tip attachment with the efficiency of electronic pipetting action. Increase productivity with an intuitive personalised user interface that allows for simple or complex use depending on the application.

Now with Bluetooth® connectivity - using My Pipette Creator App you can now program the E1 on your PC and transfer to your pipette, download pre-programmed protocols or transfer a program to your colleagues.

General Laboratory Products

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of general laboratory supplies that meet the highest standards of quality and performance required for pathology laboratories.

Centrifuges and tubes
High purity solvents
Laboratory chemicals
Laboratory detergents
Pipettes and consumables
Refrigerators and freezers
Rockers and rotators
Traceable thermometers, loggers
Transfer pipettes
Waterbaths and circulators


Our extensive range of safety solutions, ensure the safety of your workers and patients, whether they are in a laboratory, office, ward or in the field.

Autoclave and biohazard bags
Clinical waste management
Eye wash stations
Lab coats
Safety glasses
Scalpel blade removers
Sharps bins
Solvent recyclers
Spill kits
Surface cleaners

Service and calibration

Depend on us for peace-of-mind expertise, increased uptime and continuity of operations – customised to your  organisation without budget surprises. Our technical service team is equipped with the global knowledge and tools to support you when instruments require repair, service and calibration.

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